I've categorised my goals for 2014 into three main categories: General, Crossfit, and Photography. These goals are ones that I know I can achieve over the next 12 months if I am dedicated and put in some effort.

General goals for 2014

  1. Blog at least once per week for the year - I'm not promising they will all be interesting but I will try!
  2. Do well on my various law exams over the year - I define well as doing better than just scraping through.
  3. Eat in a Michelin-Starred restaurant in Wales - Purely to say I have done so and to see what the fuss is about.
  4. If my school dates do not get in the way I would like to enter the Tough Mudder North West event and complete it.
  5. This year I will hike Snowdon - aiming for June/July.
  6. I want to get my snooker skills up to the standard where I can make consistent 20 breaks - Consistent meaning at least one 20 break per frame; measured via an App I have on my tablet.

Crossfit goals for 2014

  1. Record my weight weekly - beginning 06/01/14.
  2. Take Monthly progress pictures.


  1. 140kg deadlift by March 2014, I'm currently at 120kg. Achieving this would mean I can do a double body-weight deadlift :)
  2. 140kg front and back squat by August 2014, I'm currently at 100kg and 105kg respectively.
  3. 70kg overhead squat by August 2014, I'm currently at 40kg.
  4. 105kg clean by August 2014, I'm currently at 70kg.
  5. 70kg strict press by August 2014, I'm currently at 50kg.
  6. 90kg floor press by August 2014, I'm currently at 70kg.
  7. 70kg snatch by August 2014, I'm currently at 40kg.
  8. 20 consecutive strict pull ups by August 2014.
  9. 100 consecutive push ups by August 2014

Photography goals 2014

  1. To enter 2 photo competitions.
  2. Create an online portfolio website that has a selling option.
  3. Sell a photo via my online portfolio.
  4. To go out at least once a month to take photos.
  5. To take good enough photos to make a calendar for 2015.

Over the next 12 months I would like to blog about achieving my goals now that I Have told you about them :) Have you made your goals for this year? Don't forget about the SMART principles: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based. Feel free to post your goals below.