I met up with fellow Looney StantheMan at the golden arches for a very early breakfast before we headed over to [Llyn Y Fan Fach|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llyn_y_Fan_Fach|en] for sunrise. I've always wanted to do Llyn Y Fan Fach but I seem to have kept missing the Looney meets going there. Llyn Y Fan Fach has a myth surrounding it and I feel that it adds to the atmosphere of photos taken there. If you click on the above link you can learn more about the myth of the Lady of the Lake.

We arrived at Llyn Y Fan Fach around about 0715hrs, but had a bit of a hike to get to the ridge above the lake for sunrise. StantheMan took off at a quick pace and we soon warmed up. We were going at such a pace that I developed pins and needles in my feet and had to slow down. That's the first time that has ever happened. Once we got to the ridge above the lake we broke out the photography equipment and snapped away. Below are a few pics from the set I took. The full set can be seen here

Looking across the ridge

Looking North-Westish from the ridge above the lake, those are clouds you see in the pic

Getting closer to the edge of the ridge allows you to fit in the lake

After getting the shots we could at the top of the ridge we headed back towards the car park, I stopped to capture this.

I think we may head to the coast next month.